Executive Protection & Transportation

Our executive security transportation is far different from an uber/taxi in the sense that you can book a highly trained guard along with a vehicle of choice for the entire day or more depending on your particular needs. We offer only first class vehicles and back it up with trained professionals. What’s more, once you get off the aircraft, the security officer will be there to meet and greet you. He or she will be your first point of contact in a new city or country. Next, the security transport will take you to your destination and will be there to facilitate all your transportation needs. Accordingly, when you get off the aircraft, you will be treated nothing short of a VIP with the security you deserve.

ABOUT Executive Protection & Transportation

Protecting executives today is about much more than the physical response, it requires a real understanding of how to first identify and then mitigate risk holistically, and how to apply the required skills to effectively manage potential danger.

Many professionals wonder, “Can you hire security escort service?” The answer is yes, and sometimes it is necessary. Many situations demand the powerful deterrent trained weapons handlers can provide. The Constitution guarantees Americans the right to bear arms. However, you might not be comfortable with the idea of doing so, especially if you’re dealing with customers or trying to travel lightly. In some situations, having security escort nearby can offer peace of mind and protection against possible threats. You can focus less on self-defense with your weapon and more on your current task.
Did you know...By hiring licensed contract security services vs. in-house, there is less liability exposure and management issues.

We make sure that each executive protection agent has gone through an extensive background check including an interview, criminal & civil files, drug test, psychological test, past employers, and personal references.

Ranger Security has all the proper licensing and security permits necesary to opperate in Texas under (PPO) Regulations