Ranger ai

Ranger Security utilizes motion intelligence
with an AI driven video analytics surveillance solution designed to automatically identify anomalous events in real-time.

Our scalable video anomaly detection solution focuses the attention of your operators to the most important or unusual events occurring in your facilities at any given time, whether they are monitoring dozens or thousands of cameras.  This enables your staff to identify potential threats to security, health and safety violations, Human Resources issues, business operations challenges or opportunities, and can provide business insights all with one powerful tool.


Ranger AI Benefits

Reduce theft, stock shrinkage and property damage.

Maximise benefits from your security investment. Empower your security personnel.

Identify near misses and hazardous behaviours before an accident occurs.

Get early visibility of process breaches.

Remove production bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

A system that scales easily to thousands of cameras, even in distributed environments, giving you better insights across your entire business.

API enables seamless integration with other key technologies in your system.

Get full visibility of incidents with real-time incident display.

Reporting allows your team to tag events and run reports to give insights into your security environment.

LiveWall displays potentially actionable events in real time to let your team focus attention on what is important.

AI was coined by John McCarthy in 1955.

Our AI learns from your companies experience in real time.

A typical 300 camera system generates up to 26TB of data a day .

We can help operators review 24 hours of video from hundreds of cameras in only 30 minutes.

We help monitor over 13,000 cameras across more than 40 sites around the world.

Studies show after 12 minutes of video monitoring, a security operator will miss 45% of screen activity.

Business environments are changing on a global scale. As on-site labor are changing every day, expectations for artificial intelligence (AI) are growing in a wide variety of industries. However, the ability to appropriately collect data and to implement and operate solutions is essential for creating and maximizing added value using AI. Efforts to meet these challenges have only just begun. Let us assist you with full turnkey solutions that allow your business to grow harnessing the power of AI. Schedule a live demonstration by visiting RangerAi.